Become One with your Finances.

Have you ever felt outwitted by the idea of budgeting? Or struggled holding on to a budget?

Money is the most important factor on how we direct ourselves in making life decisions. So why shouldn't we take it more seriously?

Time to reflect.
  • Did you set aside enough cash for your mom's birthday gift?
  • Have you ever had an item sit in your Amazon cart before actually buying it?
  • Are you holding off your vacation plans because you can't afford it just yet?
  • Are you prepared for any unforeseen financial emergencies?
If you can relate to these, then you should probably start dipping your feet into the act of budgeting.
Budgeting is not hard — it is a habit that needs to be nurtured.
And that's why I'm building Balance - a handy budgeting tool to keep you in sync with your finances. Balance is an opinionated software tool to help you budget and understand your finances better.
Learn more about the methodology here: The Balance(d) Workflow
Are you ready to take charge of your finances? Then I need your help - Join me on this journey in reviving your budget and I will keep you posted about the product updates.
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